July 24, 2011

It is a truth universally acknowledged that two Friedland women, faced with the prospect of a relaxing weekend, must be in want of a project.

And so it was that, last night, my mother and I set about planning parties.

The first will be the open house I’ve had for the last few years for the Chicago Air & Water Show. We’ve decided to show uncharacteristic restraint in the menu this year; last year’s featured two bries en croute, this year’s will have none. I’m ok with that.

What we are going all out on, however, is cookies. And really, is there a better medium for excess than desserts? We’re planning to make citrus cookies (airplane-shaped, naturally) and white chocolate pistachio cookies and at least one something with chocolate and maybe an oatmeal cookie as well. And life is good.

Then there’s the beach day we’re planning for my office. Thus far, we have no sweets at all on the menu, but I’m sure that will change shortly!

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